Revisiting old posts and a thank you to my Christian friends


In 2008 I started using the same online pseudonym for debating that I keep today. I was 21 then, 25 now, and have four years’ worth of argumentation on the public record that I or anyone else has access to at any given time. This means that for as long as I want to be known under my nym, I’m accountable for the content and quality of my previous posts. All of them.
This can be a horrible thing! My political attitudes have changed quite considerably over the last year especially, with a much stronger pull towards anarchism and free market ideologies. Simultaneously my social attitudes have become markedly more thoughtful – at least I’d like to flatter myself so, har har – and I can only apologise unreservedly for any ignorant, arrogant-sounding “othering” towards groups of people whose culture I was unfamiliar with; either from past history, or if I’m still stupidly – and embarassingly – doing it now.

I’ve been having a difficult time recently, and support has come from some of the unlikeliest of places, as well as having been sadly missing from the places where I’d always expected it would come from. This grouchy atheist would like to especially thank my friends in the Christian community who have always been vivacious and rigorous debaters – often at loggerheads with myself over religious/political issues – but have also been so unexpectedly kind and supportive in this time of trouble. I appreciate your goodwill tremendously, you know who you are and thank you all so much.

A special Merry Christmas to you lovely lot, and Happy Holidays to all.


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