Daily Mail’s Martyr Charbecks was Pub Landlady in 2011

dungoofdAs everybody following the Daily Mail/Charbecks saga will be aware, yesterday Nina Charbecks made contact with the good folks at Black Triangle (who kindly cross-posted my blog entry “More Daily Mail Disability Deception” on 14/01/12), demanding that my stories about her be deleted, and threatening her solicitor and the police on us all. Nothing happened though… I do hope everybody enjoys this one!

Last week The Mail ran a story about Nina Charbecks, claiming that she works four jobs/35 hours per week, and is £400 a month worse off than she would be if she received disability benefit:

“A woman returned to work after ten years on benefits despite it making her £400 poorer a month…

…The mother of two had been receiving around £1,260 a month from income support, housing benefit, council tax benefit and payments related to her rheumatoid arthritis.

‘I went back to work because I don’t want to be a burden,’ she said. ‘There are times when I don’t want to get out of bed because my legs hurt or it’s dark and I want to sleep.

‘But when you’re at work and talking to people it’s all worth it. I was entitled to what I consider to be a lot of money and there was no incentive to look at a job that pays minimum wage.

‘I got into a rut and began thinking I wouldn’t be able to work again. The longer you’re on benefits the harder the cycle is to break. It’s creating a lazy generation.’

Miss Charbecks was diagnosed with arthritis when she was 16 but worked in a string of pubs until being put on disability benefit in 2000.”

Anybody reading the passages above would be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that Ms Nina Charbecks has not worked for ten years. She has though, she was the landlady of a pub called The Wildman in Norwich up until mid-2011.



Landlady in 2011, Daily Mail. Bit different from “worked in string of pubs” until 2000; then letting your audience believe that Ms Charbecks hadn’t worked except for volunteering in the meantime, claiming over a grand every month for ten years. Yes, you never technically said it; but people believed it, and thought worse of other disabled people after you created this fake martyr, Nina Charbecks to put others to shame.

It’s like… it’s like Leveson meant nothing to you lot! Ruddy scoundrels.


9 thoughts on “Daily Mail’s Martyr Charbecks was Pub Landlady in 2011

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  2. Exactly how is she going to stop everyone from sharing this info, when it gets out on twitter it will rag off a lot of people

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  6. One thing Ironbridge…
    Since your screenshot was taken, the paragraph including Nina Charbecks has been edited so there is now no mention of her…. Poor, poor Wally Web at the BBC. What happened?

    Friday at Great Ryburgh near Fakenham where plans have been approved for an expansion of the Crisp Maltings. Mathew Champion and members of the Great Ryburgh Residents Action Group say they weren’t shown all the paperwork involved in the decision making and have put in an official complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman. On a lighter note, Ian Shannon behind the bar of the Wildman PH on Bedford Street in the city will be one of 14 men who’ll be auctioned off there tomorrow from 3pm. Successful bidders will get the man of their choice for 12 hours and the money raised will be split between Macmillan Nurses and the Jenny Lind Childrens Centre. Fancy one?

    They’re now trying to rewrite history….

    Unfortunately, both the Wayback Machine and the Google cache only show the edited version of Wally’s posting… From this, I cannot tell when the article was changed, but of course, we know where the suspicions lie, eh?

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