Labour MP would like to ban your benefits if you don’t vote

Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh would like people to be forced to vote in order to be allowed access to benefits, should they require them at any point. She would like to “ensure [that people] engage with democracy”. How entertaining. So Labour MPs can abstain en masse from voting on whether people who have had their money unfairly sanctioned should have it paid back, or from voting on whether there should be a public referendum on the UK leaving the EU; but the “underclasses” cannot themselves abstain from voting and should be forced onto the electoral register and sanctioned for refusing to choose between (as South Park put it so eloquently) a douche and a turd.

Which do you like best?

Which do you like best?

That “underclass” reference is lifted directly from her own argument, it’s not hyperbole:

“What we will see if we are not careful is the people on the edges of society will slowly disengage, we will institutionalise the underclass.”

And it is with that argument that we can see the very cynical motive for her proposed suggestion. The “underclass”, if they absolutely had to vote, would almost certainly – given no other option – vote for Labour. This is because Labour are the only party whose lies include lipservice to the needs of the working class. The Tories make no bones about being all about the wealthy and their best interests, and the Lib Dems are universally acknowledged pissweasels. McDonagh just wants more votes, and her disgusting patronisation of poor people is nothing but a whitewash to cover that it is in fact she who wants something for nothing – more votes for doing sod all except restricting civil liberties.

I was considering whether or not to give Labour my tactical vote next time around. After this they can sod off with the rest of ’em.


4 thoughts on “Labour MP would like to ban your benefits if you don’t vote

  1. Voting alone is pointless and largely seen as agreement with the party’s informal platform. Not voting is equally pointless. The one thing people (underclass or otherwise) could do is take action. And I don’t mean protest, which is just as pointless and largely seen as an excuse to get drunk and terrorize a McDonald’s. I mean learn how the party structure works and begin to take it over from the roots up. It’s quite amazing to me how at their core both disaffected left wingers and right wingers employ the same “tactic”: expand a considerable amount on effort on low impact activities like writing blog posts (not a knock on you, I do pretty much the same thing) but make very little effort to get seriously involved in politics, because that would require discipline, and the general population has largely been trained to follow their emotions (ergo, protesting, or writing youtube comments, which lets them vent, but not cloak and dagger politics, which is largely boring and takes time and effort).

    And having written that I shall now continue to do nothing on this front.

  2. Arrogance of Politicians is Reprehensible and the Official Opposition have Left a
    Lot to be Desired in being a Proper Opposition to the Con Dems since May 2010

    Tax the Rich Hands Off the Poor

    I Think it is Good for People to Vote but Oppose Totalitarian Compulsory Voting
    like Totalitarian State of Australia has

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